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Welcome to


A growing community in Almindingen on Bornholm

Friskoven is a newly started eco-village in Almindingen on Bornholm.


In December 2018, a small group of people bought the old production school with 12 hectares of land and 2500 square meters of buildings, with a loose dream of creating a safe, playful and creative community right here.


In the summer of 2020, more people came along and the project really took off.

At the time of the takeover, the buildings had been empty since 2010 and had been allowed to decay. There is a huge renovation work ahead of us.

We want to renovate the buildings with sustainable materials, for private living as well as common areas, creative workshops and more. We want to create a village community with room for diversity and creativity both for the individual person and for family life.

Almindingen is centrally located on the island near Aakirkeby. The piece of land we own, includes a small lake, a creek, field and lots of forest.

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