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The project ideas are many with such a creative composition of residents we have already become. Some of the projects we are more confident about than others and some of the projects will be launched faster than others. Here is a small overview of some of the dreams and ideas that have been set.

Ecological self-sufficiency:

- An organic field to keep us self-sufficient in vegetables.

- Forest garden to keep us self-sufficient in berries, fruit etc.

- Animal husbandry to graze and keep vegetation down. 

Creative workshops:

Workshops and ateliers will serve as refuges for artists and creative souls and contribute to the multifunctional and inspiring rural settlement.

Cafe and venue:

- The old Smedje is ready as a meeting place for residents and people from outside. Here we want intimate concerts and performances to take place in an intimate and inspiring setting.

Farm shop:
- The residents of Friskoven can sell their own creations, products etc. here.

Gathering place for homeschoolers:

- We want a meeting house / learning center for home school families on the island.

Movement room:

- A hall for movement and physical exercise. Here the residents can train, start their own activity teams and the children can play and challenge their physical ability. 

Movie theater:

- Indoor / outdoor cinema with space for different film screenings

Festivals and events:

- We want more large and small recurring festivals and events to take place in the area. We like to see Friskoven as a gathering place for all of Bornholm and also for people from outside. Festivals that resonate with locals, but also resonate outside Bornholm.

Canteen and communal kitchen

- We want a large industrial kitchen, where residents can first and foremost cook and eat together, but also a kitchen where food can be produced for sale in our farm shop. This kitchen could possibly also be a gathering place for a larger food community of local producers on Bornholm.

Mini sawmill and wood workshop

- We want to take advantage of the fact that we live in and own 8 hectares of forest. Here we want to be able to process wood and make our own production of building materials for buildings, art, carpentry, etc.

Forest and biodiversity

- While we want to use and care for the forest, we also want to promote biodiversity and the forest's own wild beauty. This provides a place to observe and learn from, find peace and inspiration in, as well as promote respect for the forest's other residents and the forest itself.

Shelter site and nature playground

- A shelter site in the forest, which can also be used by people from outside, as well as a dream of a larger nature playground between the trees.

Below is an overview map of the land register and planned settlements

1: Reconstruction of housing  

2. Reconstruction of housing

3. Workshop / shed in existing building

4. Depot in existing barracks

5. Common area in existing barracks

6. Extended common room (indoor play area)

7. 2 dwellings in existing barracks (parts of the barracks are demolished for the possibility of detached dwellings and more passage)

8. 4 dwellings in existing barracks

9. 3 homes in existing barracks

10. Communal house in existing barracks with kitchen and dining room, mini sawmill, creative workshops ,, movement hall, gathering place for home school families etc.

11. Common shed in existing buildings

12. Area for volunteers

13. Communal building in existing building with the possibility of running a business such as a farm shop, cafe or similar or gathering place for home school families

14. Area for setting up small "low impact" buildings

15. 2 homes in existing double villa

16. Reconstruction of existing buildings for housing

17. Communal building in existing building with the possibility of running a business such as a farm shop, cafe or similar 



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