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As a shareholder, you buy a share of Friskoven and get the right to build a home in an existing building or on a plot ready for construction.

The share price, which is approx. between DKK 10,000 - 250,000 depending on size, includes purchase of the property, development of all shares, legal assistance etc. as well as a Friskov capital for building common areas.

The shareholder is responsible for construction of private housing on their share.


We are currently looking for new shareholders for 2-3 shares in an existing barrack, for the construction of a home.

If you are interested in becoming a shareholder in Friskoven, the first step is to write an application.

If your application matches what we are looking for, you will be contacted in order to find a time for the first visit. (If not, you will of course also be notified of this and put on a waiting list when appropriate - there may be various circumstances which mean that we look for certain qualities in the group composition).

The first visit lasts a week and includes participation in Friskoven's everyday life, with the aim of meeting the current residents and vice versa. If there is still interest from both sides after the first visit, you will be invited for a longer stay of approx. one month duration.

After the second visit, if there is still a feeling of a good match, you can be admitted as shareholder(s) in Friskoven.

During your visit to Friskoven, you can stay in a yurt or in your own tent/campervan and pay a contribution to operations during your stay. You will of course receive more information about this.

See the current shares for sale under Shares for Sale and write an application by interest!


Information for new interested


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