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The plot and the buildings

The plot is 12 hectares large. 8 hectares are forest - ie must remain forest, but may be used for forestry.

We have about 2,500 m2 of buildings, spread over one large building, consisting of 4 long barracks, combined with a connecting corridor, an old 2 family villa, and several outbuildings.

All the buildings are in really bad condition and need to be completely renovated! In the pictures you can see a bit of the condition of the buildings as well as some of the nature areas.

Construction of new buildings can only take place once we have obtained the permits through an approved local plan.

Naturewise, we have a fantastic plot, on the edge of Bornholm's largest forest, Almindingen! Our 8 acres of forest are mixed, some young and self-blown forest and a little bit of douglas with larger trees.

Fallow deer and roe deer are often seen between the trees.


We have a nice part of the creek Nydams Å, which meanders over the ground from east to west.

In the southern part of the plot there is a lake which is very overgrown now, but we are applying for funds for purification. There is potential for a super nice lake environment and there are already lots of frogs and salamanders!

We have a large open meadow / plain / field, with the place name Kejserkuld at the northern end. The meadow has so far been used for our solstice parties, but is thought to be both for gardening / cultivation and for festivals and open air events.

The northwestern part of our forest is mostly small elder trees and contains lots of redcurrants and gooseberry bushes and it would therefore be nice to establish a forest garden in this part of the forest.

The road going through the plot is a public road and is used by one neighbour, who drives through and quite a few people who think they can drive through, but turns around and go back. (The road is practically a dead end, but Google Maps shows it continuing as Fårebyvejen...)

We are close to Ekkodalen and of course the rest of Almindingen.

Friskoven is located 4 km outside Åkirkeby, which is Bornholm's 3rd largest city and contains the nature center NaturBornholm, 2 second-hand shops, 3 supermarkets, several shops, a few bars, restaurants as well as schools and kindergartens. Åkirkeby has a nice little local environment, but is not quite as charming as the coastal towns.

Fortunately, we are centrally located on Bornholm and it is not far to all the incredibly many beautiful places that Bornholm has to offer!

From dramatic rocky shores in the north to soft sandy beaches with Europe's finest sand in the south and all the charming small coastal towns in between, Bornholm is never boring to explore.

In addition, there is a fantastic community and local environment on Bornholm, with local food producers, a vibrant cultural life and perhaps Denmark's strongest home school community.

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